Rōnin 浪人 – Fighter Subclass Out Now!

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Rōnin, Fighter Subclass

What does this package include?

New Subclass for Fighters

This subclass is intended to give a taste of the legendary Rōnin to any campaign. This subclass introduces various Dōjōs with vastly different techniques, which one will your character join?

Motionless Sword Dōjō

The Rōnin trained in the Motionless Sword Dōjō is a master of defence, being able to move his sword and deflect with it in an instant.

Boundless Strike Dōjō

The Rōnin is trained in the Boundless Strike, they are able to penetrate even the thickest of armours.

Dragon Blade Dōjō

The Dragon Blade Dōjō specialises in emulating dragon fire and utilising it in their attacks.

Volatile River Dōjō

The Volatile River Rōnin moves in such an erratic manner that their movement becomes unpredictable to their opponents.

Exotic Weapons

7 Weapons have also been included to give this package more flavour for dungeon masters and players to enjoy.

Lore and Author Guidence

Lore and background suggestions for the Rōnin subclass, lore for each of the featured Dōjōs and setting suggestions.


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